Motherhood Circle

A time to connect


This group is to create an intimate, sacred, non-judgmental space where you can just be… a mother. Whether you are a mother for the first or fifth time or beyond we welcome you. This group is for mothers of infants under two years to share in our struggles and joys together. Here we create a space and time to rejuvenate, build community and connection around motherhood. We will meet once a month for two trimesters (six months) nestled in a cozy bell tent on our farm while enjoying hot tea and warm healing food. Complementary infant weight checks included and bonus animal snuggles and a farm tour if you wish!


Enrollment to the circle is included as part of my premium postpartum doula packages, but you may join individually as well.


​If you are interested in joining the motherhood circle, please fill out the interest form below!


​**Bell Tent is available upon request for private Mother Showers rental and planning ideas OR Airbnb stay.

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