Hello there!

I’m Jessica Smith. I’m a nurse, IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant), Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula, and Certified Breastfeeding Educator. I’m also a rural momma of four littles living on our regenerative farm in the Palouse region of eastern Washington.


I started Blomma Momma (Blomma in Swedish means bloom or flower) to provide support for the community with a passion for health and wellness especially surrounding Prenatal and Perinatal times in life. I believe motherhood is a vital time in our life that shapes us or in other words causes us to “bloom” in ways we maybe never expected.


My interest in wellness, birth, babies and maternal health started from a young age. During high school and college I taught swim lessons and worked at a longterm care facility as well as a special needs home. Upon graduation I worked as a school nurse, pediatric home-care nurse, and a minor-care/ready-care nurse. But, soon my passion for the healthcare, or rather dis-ease care system began to wane. I was constantly trying to get my patients outdoors to experience the world and nature around them. I wanted to help them live healthy, balanced lifestyles. My passion for getting back to nature and our roots continues throughout my own life and blends into my work. This is why I take a “holistic” approach. Through my pediatric work, I cared for many previous NICU babies with unique challenges, in which I saw a vast difference in the ones who were fed breastmilk. This led me to dive deeper into the lactation world and fueled my love for working with families through difficult times.

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When my own journey with motherhood began, I was awakened to the fact that in our culture there is a disconnect between birth and postpartum. Like many, I prepared for the birth but never really gave much thought to postpartum. While planning for birth is important, planning for the postpartum period is even more important. I found myself struggling with lack of resources and unable to ask for help. I struggled with breastfeeding, low supply, and ended up supplementing. Through help of doctors and lactation consultants we ended up saving my breastfeeding experience for two years and then was able to successfully tandem nurse when baby #2 arrived!


I experienced birth trauma and postpartum anxiety & depression. I struggled to find balance and healing again after each baby. I came across Julia Jones Newborn Mother’s Collective, Ayurveda Postpartum care and found the missing link in my postpartum experience. Through the wisdom of ancient traditions and scientific role of Oxytocin, I learned what we have missed in our culture. While there’s much from ancient traditions and culture, we can’t apply to our modern lifestyle there are two culturally universal things we can do, help and support the new mother and nutrient dense, warm prepared meals. Help them seek the things to inspire and bring joy!


From there, my passion in birth work and postpartum took a different meaning to me. I became Birth Doula certified and a Lactation Educator. My work as a doula has caused me to look deeper at my own healing so I can show up for my clients with positive energy. As your doula and your health advocate, my goal is to support you through your experience. I work with my clients to apply what feels right for you and your needs. I assist in making this transitional time positive and assist to getting back into balance holistically. I want to guide you where necessary with an open mind well as empower you and promote healthy lifestyle.

Special Trainings


    • Midwife Assistant Training | 2009
    • Lewis-Clark State College, Nursing Graduate | 2011
    • Postpartum Doula Training, Newborn Mother’s Collective | 2015
    • Certified Birth Doula | 2015
    • Certified Lactation Educator, Evergreen Perinatal Education | 2016
    • Intuitive Birth for Birth-Workers | 2019
    • Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Workshop, Perinatal Support Washington | 2020
    • University of San Diego Extension, Lactation Consultant Didactic and Internship | 2021
    • Steamy Chick, Peri-Steam Facilitator | 2021
    • Tongue Tie, A Comprehensive Approach to Assessment and Care, Melissa Cole, MS, IBCLC | 2022
    • International Board Certified Lactation Consultant | 2022
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Jessica is the best! I don’t know what I would have done without her.


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