Lactation Clinic Community

Lactation Clinic DROP-IN

A time to get all your breastfeeding and infant feeding questions answered! Avoiding crisis by getting the support you need! This is an event for all mommas; pregnant, breastfeeding, bottle, solids, to weaning.
Enjoy momma community circle and warming snacks brought to you by Brittany with Mother Nourish Postpartum. Option of bodywork  for optimizing breastfeeding baby and pregnancy with Dr. Haase, NMD.
  • BODY WORK: $60/ 15min  body work by Dr. Haase if you choose for babies and mamas (recommended 30min for mommas)
  • COMMUNITY: FREE community of mommas and yummy warming snacks from Brittany @mothernourishpostpartum
  • LACTATION: FREE  one-on-one lactation visit these are covered 100% under most insurances (check coverage in the pre-registration link below)

Next Clinic

October 30th, 4-6pm

(Former UMA center) 414 S Jefferson St. Moscow, ID 

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