Lactation Consult

In-home, Office Visit, or Secure Video Appointment


60-90 Minute Consultation: During our visits we address concerns or challenges you may have and empower you with tips and a plan to meet your breastfeeding or feeding goals. I use a holistic, evidence based approach to evaluate any issues and work to find a root cause. This means looking at medical history, social and emotional history, and more. I work with your providers and refer to specialists where needed.


We will discuss strategies and form a plan of care to help you achieve your feeding goals.


Includes: Secure messaging and email support for one week to support you after your appointment, referrals, and customized written care plan.


You may need support with:

  • Wanting to get breastfeeding off to a great start
  • Prenatal education or concerns
  • Coaching and postpartum support even if you don’t have any particular breastfeeding issues
  • Painful latch or struggles to latch
  • Nipple damage
  • Plugged ducts, engorgement, and mastitis
  • Food intolerances or allergies
  • Baby not gaining weight well
  • Increasing supply
  • Forceful let-down or milk flow
  • Returning to work planning
  • Pumping troubleshooting and flange fitting
  • Bottle feeding methods and formula preparation options
  • Multiples (twins, etc.)
  • Tandem nursing
  • Weaning
  • Starting solids
  • Tongue ties
  • Special medical considerations (NICU, heart conditions, tube feeding, and more)
  • and more…


How do I to prepare for a Lactation Visit?

Choose a time when you and baby will be together. Preferably a third person, especially for virtual visits is awesome! This allows you to be handsfree breastfeeding while someone else can hold the camera. For in home or office visits,  an extra person can help you implement or remember skills learned and provide an extra set of support to you. Choose a space for the visit that you are comfortable breastfeeding in. Do NOT worry about how clean your home is!

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In need of help now, or a quick question?

I do my best to accommodate same-day visits or out of regular business hours please contact me here.

OR, schedule a call

Lactation Line: for quick questions along your breastfeeding journey that may not need a visit. For peace of mind and expert advise. Schedule here.

-$45/30min phone


How do I know if my insurance works with you?

​I am partnered with Lactation Network for insurance billing. If you qualify they offer at least 6 lactation visits covered. This allows us to really dive deep into an issue you’re facing, provide extended support, or education with out the worry of insurance coverage! Click the link below to see if you are covered.


If you prefer OR are not covered through Lactation Network,


Self Pay or HSA option is available with Superbill which can be provided on request for insurance reimbursement. Click the “Self Pay” link below.


**Additional fees may apply should you choose to purchase any breastfeeding equipment and/or supplies. Mileage fees may apply to in-home visits outside of a 45mile radius.

Birth Support

warm guidance and advocacy birth-postpartum

We can work together to find a plan that works for you, educate, and empower you in your journey with your little one.


 Birth Support:

    • ​1-2 prenatal visits, 1-3hrs where we go over birth stages, imagery and mindful tools, aromatherapy and acupressure, Rebozo, Spinning Babies techniques, and more .
    • 1 prenatal lactation visit with IBCLC, 1hr (billable to insurance)
    • 1 postpartum lactation visit with IBCLC, 1hr-2hr (billable to insurance)
    • Full Client Guide Baby Belly, Birth and Beyond
    • Instruction on postpartum R.E.S.T
    • Infant feeding instruction and support
    • Photos at the birth if desired
    • Labor support: on-call 37weeks-birth of your baby
    • 2 doulas shared call so you always have a back-up and shared knowledge and information
    • Momma Butter or peri- herbs gift
    • Text and email support up to 2 weeks postpartum

    ** Mileage fee is $1/mile outside of 45 mile radius of Palouse, WA



Birth & Postpartum Planning only (includes above minus on-call labor support)



**If you are covered with Lactation Network or your insurance covers lactation care, lactation specific visits maybe covered with insurance or billable. 

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Ala Carte

For a Peaceful Postpartum

Postpartum support can look different for everyone but the key to healing is that you feel more peace and joy. We can work together to find a plan that works for you, educate, and empower you in your journey with your little one. All packages combine lactation support.

Momma Postpartum Package: 3 in-home support visits, 3 postpartum healing meals, womb-warming, and peri-herbs.



Postpartum Healing Meal: Ayurveda and ancient tradition influence for healing on farm to table home-cooked meal. Includes beverage, main course, sweet treats with ingredients from Black Ridge Farms 

$85/ 2-4 

$10/person for additional serving size



Womb Warming: Traditional Postpartum Ayurveda Oil Massage+Belly Binding. Learn more here.



Yoni Steam: Virtual steaming includes intake, herb consulting, and plan with 30 days support email/text. Healing herbs+steam seat rental and support for 30 days. Learn more here.

$150 seat and includes healing herbs

-$60 virtual 

                                                                                          customized herbs $22+shipping


Placenta Encapsulation: learn more here. 



Postpartum Support: light housekeeping, sitting with baby while mom showers, support once partner returns to work, meal prep, etc.

$200(2hrs of care)


All add-ons will be invoiced at time of request and must be paid at least 24hrs before date service. Please give at least 48-72hrs notice on above service add-ons.

** Mileage fee is $1/mile outside of 45 mile radius of Palouse, WA


Health and Wellness Consults: For women’s wellness or pediactrics challenges and questions.

-$100 virtual

Yoni Steam: has the potential to be beneficial for fertility, hormone balancing, fibroids, menopause,  labor induction, miscarriage, postpartum healing,  and more. Learn more here.  

-$150 seat rental and herbs/ $60 virtual add-on custom herbs $22 plus shipping

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