6 Essentials for your cozy breastfeeding space

6 Essentials for your cozy breastfeeding space

If you are an expectant momma wanting to breastfeed or a seasoned momma expecting another, have you thought about your nursing space? Take a look around your home and consider where you would be most comfortable. How would you make this space give you a hug, a warm and cozy feeling? Creating a space that helps you feel at ease will help you feel less stressed which means more time for right hormones, oxytocin to flow to keep milk flowing and babies happy! When considering how often baby’s need fed, about every 2hrs and feed from any where from 10-35min. You and this space will become well acquainted. Set up two spaces one usually in your living room and the other in your bedroom. Here are my top 6 essentials for you:

1. Pick a cozy, comfy chair (and your bed).

2. Set up two tables of shelves within reach. I love the three tier rolling carts for this, but it doesn’t have to be fancy! Some add their pump and/or Haakaa to this space as well.

3. Keep a container of healthy snacks. Making before your baby is here is awesome way to prepare. There are some great snack ideas on Pinterest. My favs are date energy bites, granola, and seed muffins.

4. Water! Keeping a large water container near you when you sit down to nurse or need a sip at midnight. Keeping hydrated when breastfeeding is important. Adding in warm nourishing teas during the day all the better! Earth Mama Naturals has a great tea I love and include in all my local client’s gift bags, —–.

5. Any books, magazines, or anything your enjoy reading are handy to pass the time nursing and help relax. Phone charger near if you prefer to use your phone. If you have toddlers, keep a little box of special books, toys, or snacks saved just for nursing newborn time. This can help keep the time low key for you, toddler, and the new baby! Some ideas for older kids during this time would be a special activity that is just for them, involving them in baby cares, or planned mom or dad dates. After my 4th was born, my older kids kept mentioning how all I focused on was the new baby and we had to remind them that when each of them were born mama gave them all the same attention. We watched some old videos of when they were all babies and it helped them to see ” oh mom actually loved us all the same!” Another thing I implemented was subscriptions to Green Kid’s Crafts. These boxes helped give them something fun and special to work on while going through the family of 4 transition!

6. Cozy blanket and extra pillows. Add pillows around you, or with help to help you get into the most comfortable position. Blankets are awesome because hormones are everywhere during postpartum and you maybe hot then shivering cold the next minuet! Speaking of those hormones, one of the products I used to help balance postpartum was Wish Garden Herb’s Baby Blues blend. It helped to regulate some of the mood swings and hot/cold episodes. They also make a great blend for milk supply as well called Milk Rich. Basically, I’m just obsessed with all their women’s health line!

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